It's Common place to see graph around Chicago. I wish I knew exactly where this was. I'm not even sure this is Chicago... It's defines Chicago though. So would this be termed Chicago art or Chicago artist? You figure it out and call me.


The shows I miss haunt me. This is pop art that I could not get out of my mind. I am looking for this artist as you sleep...


Nothing says Chicago, quite like Chicago. This is an epic piece to remind us of an era that keeps coming back and a city that seems to linger on world domination so to speak.

Name this wall:

Chicago Art

Samantha Spencer, Chicago art persona is a perfect example of a Jill of all trades. Whens she's not busy teaching, working for a non for profit, roller derby'n, singing, painting or saving the world from itself, she makes alluring, natural/organic jewlery. First of all, making them into squares instead of hoops is brilliant and original in itself..I need to buy these in a hurry.

War Photos

I predict the photography exhibits that will post graphic images of our current occupation in the middle east will trigger a self loathing over our country we have not seen. One that will rival or compare to the omni-present guilt looming from slavery. Not all art is beautiful. Some of it is repulsive and over the top. So is life, though. Get over it.


Chakras are gaining popularity in pop culture. Everybodies got 'em. This is my favorite though. Honestly, this looks like a natural photo of one. It's a classic shot in many regards. It is also bold and powerful. Light can be many things, but it often is likened to life. This photo describes it perfectly.

Before there was Obama

Marcus Garvey was Mister Africa for a whole generation. He seemed to be bridging the gap between African Americans and Africa. This is a great example of him being illustrated in a contemporary iconic fashion.


You get the point though...
This is dead serious work.

Fangi that-

Darci Fangi-

Beyond words...
I used to imagine art this loose and vital. It seems to hold it's sway over your own pencil. Her lines are infused with calm energy and her way with color is subtle and classic. She went to some fancy school on the east coast I always forget the name of. I think I'll post her bio for you...

The Late Great Heath Ledger and Modest Mouse

So besides being great artists, the two names listed above are great activists. Modest Mouses King Rat video directed by Ledger carries an eerie reminder of the cruel inhumane nature of humans. As disgusting as we are, the animation makes it even more clear why humans are horrid creatures. The role reversal is the classic imagery needed to balance our culture out of the rose colored view we have designed for ourselves. Perhaps the message in this video will one day gain as much attention as Modest's Mouses music and Heath's portrayal of the Joker.


I forgot who this is, but it is DOAP!

Art in Film

John Hughes passed. Leaving behind a legacy of great films. The first experience I had with him was Ferris Bueller. I really did not understand the concept for years. I digress: My favorite scene in the film was the introspective moments in the Art Institute of Chicago. Not only was it free advertising for art, which is divine in it's own right, but his camera angles and music changed for the scene. That whole portion of the film was especially significant to me, because that is something I'd always longed to do. Play hooky and actually do things my friends wouldn't. Like go to a museum look at art for art's sake. And that's what he did. R.I.P-

Japan and Sex

Many male artists have no problem using the female figure to move canvas and re-enforce negative stereo types suggesting women are to be viewed as sexual objects. Even some female artists do it, but men are notorious. Paint a half naked woman with an hourglass figure, giver her a gun/ animal/ vehicle or character and it's commercial art.
People are programmed to buy that stuff whether it's hollywood or hotdog stand.
It's a global problem. Japan has it bad too. They seem to concentrate it at a disgusting amount. So much so, American perverts look to Japanese pervs for inspiration and guidance. It's such a part of their culture. Rape is like sneezing in Japan. Easily excused...

I personally hate Manga-esque art for a number of reasons, but the way it uses women is a big problem. It's all bad. So, how is it a culture so refined, so forgiving, so old and so impressive in technology and finance and art has allowed such a detriment to adhere to it's global view? Really, I don't know. Not at all. I long to visit Osaka and figure it out for myself.


Bigger than life art is so big right now. Alison Glenn, Chicago arts persona poses. She is the art diva you dream about being in the same place at. This piece must be huge, because she is a tall tube of paint. Google her. I know I'm about to. Besides towering over art critics:
She also promotes great art shows (likes of the Obama street art show in Chicago), organizes shows (such as Cafe Bacci's 1st local art show) and graces music videos and social events with style and lenses.


More and more people want to be photographed in front of graph, yet it is still illegal in many places. Lame...
I see thousands of these pics on line, but for some reason this stood out. Not for any reason; in fact, this is a perfect example of how normal and revolutionary it is to write on a wall.

Kind of a 'Big' deal-Pun intended

If you know, you know...

Gawd Bless

Banners are symbols. We use them to blind ourselves from the truth. Many patriots find banners to be the most sentimental images of virtue and courage. They seem to bring us together under one cause and lead us like lemmings. Here at Lambert Says Art, there are no borders, no countries and hence no need for flags: Unless you're gonna do something crazy with it. Like this guy. This is a deep image and it should be respected as much as the flag is. No country is exempt from analyzation, so get to work. Re-read your history books before judging anyone's motives to use the flag to arouse public consciousness.


Tim Jones, Chicago artist and all around sweet heART shows off his guts. He's the Wicker Park candy man now! Honestly, it takes a lot of guts to get this kind of ink on your belly. Ask Tupac.

Lost art?

Even losers need art. Ouch!

Gender War

If you take someone's rights and demoralize them, then reduce them to a sexual object, it's cool to paint them on the side of a plane that you use to drop bombs over people. This is one of the side effects of lack of sex.

Gone and forgotten

Do you remember the Krusty Burgerlar? He was brutally attacked by Homer Simpson and left for dead. Three men had to pull the enraged Simpson off his limp body. Witnesses to the attack (mostly children ranging from ages 3-11) describe it as the bloodiest, cruelest, inhumane display of violence they've ever seen. Mind you the children were forced to clap after the incident. Most of the kids are now in serious therapy.
Simpson was not even prosecuted for a crime he would have easliy been convicted for. All attempts to contact Simpson or Krusty (and or his people) have been unsuccessful. Simpson seems to show no remorse for his actions and has gone about his life as if he never murdered anyone.
Springfield has been gripped with fear and outrage ever since. Police Chief Wiggums was not available for comment, nor the Mayor.
Homer has been seen fraternizing at Krusty Burger weekly ever since the incident. He seemed to be in good spirits.

War Paint

The style and technique in this art are not inherently bad. In fact it reminds me of traditional art used on sea fairing vessels and other tree trunk related art of indigenous tribes from across the globe, but mainly in the Pacific Rim. It's the purpose behind it. The image of a shark already incites fear and power in many people immediately. This implies that the pilot is personified as the animal. So, I feel using animals to represent war is wrong, even though nature is constantly at war and peace. What I do love about this particular piece is that it is painted on a modern boat, negating the violent aspect. This is the best use of a bad art style to me.

It's just personal, but I do feel it makes it easier for people to think of bombing others when part of them is pretending to be something else.


the Sears Tower will be changing it's name to the Willis Tower. The Diff'rent Strokes jokes have already run their gambit.
But the issue is frankly a non-issue for many title loyal Chicagoans. Like Comiskey, and several other Chicago icons and landmarks. A corporate name will never replace the original marker, even if that was a name of a corporation as well.

For me, the Sears is more than a landmark. The Sears reminds me to aspire to reach my full potential. It reminds me of the superlatives in life while humbling me. And I get lost sometimes if I can't see it. You can change the name, but it will continue to inspire artists as long as it stands. And even after...

Here is a random image I found of it. Sometimes in art the more a figure is abstracted and changed the more recognizable it becomes. Can you name a figure besides Oprah, Capone, or Jordan more related to Chicago than the Sears Tower? That's what I thought.
What you talk'n 'bout Willis? -
had to do it for the street...

The Grey Area

J.D. Grey, Chicago persona is different.
While many artists jumped on the custom kick band wagon, J.D. saw an open door. He took it to womens pumps and heels. Teaming up with his gifted sister, founder of Found Objects: She holds the sales events and he decks out your shoes. Ladies love it. I love it. It's creative, green and cool. Check these out.


post election the Obama of S.F. has become more iconic than ever. I think between C.S. and S.F. art elected Obama. It certainly voted for him.

The plethora of Obama images and merchandise have become their own economic stimulus. He has already been re-elected by the art world at large. Like Kennedy with rocket scientists...


What were they thinking? Who carves faces into giant stone? That's so African...

I love when people play with the imagery of Mount Rushmore. For some reason, I don;t like when people do it with the Phoenix.
Does that make me a racist? No, it is an example of how art is used to relay messages about race in culture. Anyway they history of the tarnishing of the Phoenix faces and the almost audacious act of carving your heroes face into a mountain certainly warrant attention.

Art of everyone

Pottery is not easy. Have you ever tried to sit and spin clay? Everyone should try it though. Although with practice and some skill anyone can do it, it is universal and very soul searching. I suggest you try. If they come out anything like this you should call moi.

Andres, prelude to an interview

I had the chance to hang this mans work at the Melt Down at Sub-T Lounge. He hung his Transportation series. It transported everyone to another realm.
1/2 of the Luck Wings Artist Collective, Andres Contreras gives art so much passion he married it and his wife who runs the group with him. His work has toured Mexico and more. The best part of his work is the conversations of people in it's presence. It gradually creeps in to your mind. The colour slowly crawls into your retina. He uses warmer hughes and mixes what many would call washes with technical forms so naturally it's as if you imagined his painting seconds before you saw it. This is one to look out for.


You already know who it is...

Vincent! One of my favorites. I believe he is one of the first artists to cross over to pop culture. His image, his work and his story have influenced so many genres. From kidnapping to philosophy, Van Goethe has influenced the world several times over.

I find myself think quite often about my icons and heroes. Some of them were not such great spouses or very friendly in demeanor. Most of them died young and lived stressful tragic lives. They are usually the most celebrated. I theorized that in order to affect the planet and leave a huge impact you have to leave early yourself. I also believed that many of these people knew on some level they would never fit in or live long so they found ways to burn bright and fast. Now I believe the society kills it's heroes, because it can't let them age and die like the rest of humanity. Creepy huh?

Anyway, I'm going to collect images of Vincent until I find every image I've ever owned of him.


The Art Lovers

Seeing people congregate for art is the most humane thing people can do in society. We could all be saving babies, or killing babies and that would be very human and all... Think about what art is. Think about the level of altruism and sophistication of ones mind to be able to intake the concept of celebrating ideas. I love the scene. Just seeing people at art shows usually makes me aspire to a better state. Imagine if the whole world was an art gallery. We would all be winos...

Swiss "I can do anything" Beats

So not only has he made some of the best beats in music without formal training, but then he has the nerve to start painting. And not just painting, painting well. And then there is the whole Alicia Keys thing...

It actually makes perfect sense to me.

See the interview for details, but the V represents victory. Swiss 1, haters 0.

Ooh La La!

Sometimes the art is in the music. La Lucia, DJ, promoter, Chicago persona poses in the dream shot of many music lovers. Gotta love the Thriller.


I can't keep up with all the art I find online. Sometimes it has no name attached to it, so if you know the artist, leave a comment and I'll edit it in later. I have to get these images out. If you have a problem with it, leave a comment.

Art of Flyness

I love fliers. I think they should be extinct soon. I thought they would disappear shortly after the advent of Friendster to be honest. The first few events I posted on Friendster, Myspace and Facebook brought hundreds of people out. Now it's so overdone, but I have already seen a decrease in printed invites. Trees 1, printers 0-

The green aspect of fliers can be debated, but the strongest arguments would come from people noting the energy used on computers and electronic devices is equivalent or more to the detriment of cutting down hundreds of trees and the pollution involved in the distribution and disposal the printed products.

One constant is that fliers require some sort or art (for the moment).
If I were to continue hanging all my favorite fliers I would run out of wall space. I predict someone will advent flier wall paper services, but until then, you can find my favorite fliers here.


Windows and art go together like Stain and Glass. So, since so many artists have discovered the combination, I've decided to document it, being a self proclaimed expert on Window Painting.